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Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are heading back to school (whether in-person or virtually), and this month feels like the right time to shine “light” on educational spaces, one of our favorite areas to design in. As some know, my wife Rachel is a first-grade teacher, so I feel a personal connection to the classroom. The ways I’ve observed her pivot and adapt to the evolving circumstances in the education space have certainly been inspiring.

As we adapt alongside the rest of the world, we recognize that for many, “school” might be right in our own homes, and just as we quickly pivoted to create office spaces at home, we now must create learning spaces. After creating many educational facilities and learning spaces over the years, we know one thing is certain: lighting plays a tremendous role for focus, energy, and attention.


Strategically placed and designed lighting is imperative for long hours of studying and learning. So, the question becomes, how can we illuminate and elevate the spaces from which we work and learn?
1. Control daylight glare by using shades. Daylight is great, but contrary to popular belief, too much can make it too bright and actually harder to work.
2. Use indirect lighting. Light that bounces off of your ceiling and/or walls will provide softer, balanced light compared to direct downlight that can strain the eyes.
3. Install dimmers. Like shades for daylight, dimmers control the quantity of electric light at any time of day. Plus, they give you complete control to balance your indoor lighting with outdoor lighting, whether you have a bright and sunny day or a cloudy and dark one.

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