Getting your office lighting right can really improve employee performance and satisfaction. Deep knowledge of how to plan energy efficient office spaces can set an electrical contractor apart from his competition. Balancing daylight harvesting (from windows and skylights) and energy efficient fixtures with advanced lighting controls not only saves operational expenses, it also creates a more evenly lit and productive work environment.

A recent article in the Electrical Contractor magazine offers some great insights into the role of Contractors and Interior Archictects in optimizing lighting for office spaces. A few key observations include:

“Employees want good light. Daylight-harvesting systems attempt to do this when you have ample windows, but the trick is blending natural with artificial light.”

“…on brightly lit days with an open work station and lighting fixtures running perpendicular from the exterior wall, adjust your dimming down to between 0 to 10 percent. It will help even out the light as it extends into the space. You will need a sensitive ballast.”

Read Electrical Contractor Magazine’s recent article “Lighting the Future: Office Design” for more details.

If you are a Contractor or an Interior Architect looking for help in planning energy efficient, optimized lighting scenarios, connect with the advanced lighting design team at Paramont EO.