Latham & Watkins Chicago Law Offices

Latham Watkins took over 3 floors of the building at 330 N. Wabash. Logistically, the sight was difficult to reach because the only access had a low viaduct which limited the type of truck that could be used to deliver.

Paramont EO would break down the fixtures at our Woodridge warehouse and customize the pallets by floor for efficient delivery. There was an instance where a vital shipment from the manufacturer was delayed in Iowa so we sent a truck there to get the fixtures ourselves and deliver them to the site. Near the end of the job, the contractor, Maron, had men working on a Sunday when the transport company missed the requirements for the size of the truck required. We re-routed the truck to Woodridge where we broke it down for Maron and delivered the fixtures and other vital material to the site. This was all accomplished within 3 hours of first contact on a Sunday morning.

John Convery, the foreman on the job, said he had never seen such responsiveness and vowed to use us on future projects.

Latham & Watkins was very pleased with the project outcome as well. Click here for their review.