SRAM Headquarters

Continental recently completed a project at 1000 W. Fulton for SRAM (a bicycle component manufacturer).

It was a challenging project due to a large open floor plan and open ceilings.  Conduits and cable tray had to be installed in a neat manner to keep ceilings “clean”.   Project required a vast amount of coordination for the generator feeders and mechanical equipment (a dust collector and large exhaust fans) feeders routed to the 7th floor roof.   The lab, shop, testing and paint booth areas also required a lot of continuous coordination as their equipment was coming in and power requirements were unknown during bid time.

We had fixtures stored at Paramont.  Bransky would request areas of lighting needed and Paramont would deliver next day.   This helped us to have to avoid storing fixtures onsite and prevent relocating across the floor or damaging by other trades.

The SRAM employees have moved in and love their new space.   They are very pleased with Continental, Dan B., and his crew’s performance….. with the understanding and meeting of their evolving power requirements.

Meni B.