Toyota Dealership LED Retrofit

Toyota/Honda Dealerships

5505 Auto Court Matteson, IL


  • Purchased (31) 104W RAB LED Highbay fixtures to replace 400W MH highbays
  • Total cost for LED fixtures was $15,000
  • ComEd gave the dealership a $12,000 rebate for following the BILD program they offer
  • The dealership reported that after the first month of the new LED fixtures being installed their ComEd bill was $1,200 less. That will be a savings of $14,500 in the first year.
  • Dealership couldn’t be happier with the LED’s. They love the new low profile look. How much brighter their showroom/mechanic rooms look. They also love the fact that the fixtures are rated for 100,000 hours and have a 5 year warranty. Meaning no maintenance and no hassle.
  • When replacing old MH highbays you will be able to buy fewer LED fixtures to produce the same amount of light due to the type of light and throw that the LED fixtures offer.