Airlite Switchgear

Upgrade of the existing Airlite Water Treatment Plant to 10 mgd. The plant is located at 74 North Airlite Street in Elgin, IL 60123. The project includes demolition of the existing aeration basin and odor control building, rapid mix basin, two basins, two solids contact clarifiers, one recarbonation basin, associated site piping, and two valve access vaults. The project also includes construction of one new influent flow metering vault, one new aeration basin with fine bubble diffusers and rotary-lobe blowers, two new 60-foot diameter upflow solids contact clarifiers, one new recarbonation basin, associated site piping, valve vaults, and sitework. The project requires the removal of one existing booster pump and replacement with a new, larger split-case centrifugal booster pump, addition of an ammonia storage tank, addition of a dry polymer feed system, conversion of an existing ferric sulfate feed system to store hydrofluosilicic acid, new hydrofluosilic transfer and metering pumps, construction of a new ferric sulfate feed building and associated pumping/storage equipment, and installation of a new pre-fabricated metal electrical building to house new plant medium voltage switchgear and motor starters.