Commercial • Industrial • Residential

We specialize in making complex, logistically challenging projects easier for our clients. With the ever-expanding array of products and technologies available for powering and lighting every type of facility, it helps to have a trusted guide to select the best materials for a given application. With well over 50 years of industry experience, Paramont EO is ready to help make your next job a shining success.

Medical Facilities

Maintenance, Retrofit, Upgrades

From new construction power and lighting to renovation and innovation with energy saving sensors and LED fixtures, UV sanitizing and PPE gear and more. Paramont EO supplies medical facilities of all kinds with wellness-enhancing and performance-boosting materials.

Educational Institutions

Schools - From A to Z, Easy as 1,2,3

Gear to Lighting and everything in between.
Energy is a huge expenditure for school districts; adding smart sensors, lighting controls and retrofitting to LED are simple ways to reduce consumption and have even been proven to contribute to improved student performance and wellness.


Municipal and Government Buildings

From waste water treatment plants to community centers — been there, supplied them.
Unique projects with unique challenges.
From design-build to simple updates, our experience and expertise will help ensure your next municipal project runs smoothly.

Data Centers

Data Centers

Critical Power Equipment, Paralleling Gear, UPS’s, PDU’s, Generators, Transfer Switches, Twist-Lock Receptacles, Floor Duct, Detection Tape, Fire Barrier Sleeve Kits, Data Cabling Management, Cable & Ladder Tray

It may look empty but trust us, it is filled with pipe, cable, power, and everything needed to keep a state of the art data center up and running. Anyone who has built a data center knows they are deceptively complex structures with unique challenges. Paramont EO has helped build numerous data centers, and works closely with each contractor to create a strategic plan, identify the most reliable products and the most useful value-added services, and develop a project timeline that optimizes efficiency.

With access to all the latest in POE, wireless, advanced controls, intelligent monitoring solutions and more, Paramont EO delivers smart solutions for intelligent clients.

Roadway & Infrastructure

Roadway & Infrastructure

Custom Lighting and CCTV Control Panels, Stainless Steel Enclosures, CIC Duct, Fiberglass Conduit, Trapeze and Vibration Hangers, PVC Conduit and PVC Coated Conduit, Duct Bank Product, Stainless Steel Ground Rods and Accessories, etc.

From smart city lighting to roadway and municipality infrastructure, our broad experience, vast product and system knowledge, and strategic partnerships with key manufacturers provides a seamless, efficient, well-architected solution from component selection to installation.

Put our experience to work for your next school, airport, water reclamation facility, hospital, government building or other infrastructure project.

Working with our clients we develop unique methods for delivering material to sites that save our customers significant time and money getting the job done.

Tenant Improvement

Tenant Improvement

Service Entrance Gear, Transformers, Panel Boards, Bus Duct, Multi-Tenant Metering, TVSS, Ground Rods, Cable Stops, Cable Supports, Fire Stop, Raceway & Deck Boxes, Flexible Conduit, VFD’s

Tenant Improment projects are a class unto themselves. With multiple complexities from city codes to elevator reservations to loading dock and phased schedule challenges, Paramont EO excels in providing strategic project management, guidance, and customized solutions that mitigate the significant obstacles often encountered in these types of projects.

Paramont EO is number one in Chicago for Tenant Improvement because we listen to our client’s desires and turn them into our project requirements as we develop a shared schedule and set of milestones for supplying the best material for the job, packaged for efficiency, delivered just in time for installation.