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We bring design and specification to a level never realized in electrical distribution. Our approach mixes strict architectural disciplines with decades of lighting knowledge and experience. Light is art. We believe this to be true. We like to design. We like to create. It is natural to us and we are comfortable doing it. We have grown by surrounding ourselves with some of the best and well respected electrical contractors, lighting designers, architects, General contractors, and developers from Chicago and beyond. If you need lighting design for just about any type of project, you can have confidence that the design & specification arm of Paramont EO can deliver the results you need.

Call 708-345-0000 today and let the lighting design experts at Paramont EO help enlighten your next project.

3D Modeling and Design images

Click on the thumbnails below to see some samples of our 3D Modeling and Design work

3dModelBanner Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_6 Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_3 Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_7 Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_5 Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_2 Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_9Paramont-EO Lighting Design_Page_8