Warehouse Reconfigure: Part Two

We left off last week with a large open space. Time to get vertical!


The entire endeavor plays out like Lego’s on steroids. Everyone likes to create and build so we had plenty of volunteers. Purchasing Agents, warehouse workers, drivers… it seemed like everyone wanted to help.

What started off as a warehouse build out turned into a fun team building experience. One guy picked up donuts, another some sausage biscuits and a third guy’s wife even packed us all some homemade steak tortillas for lunch.

You learn a lot about your co-workers when they are sweating atop scaffolding.

When you help create something, you start to take ownership of it. Having pride in your job, and the facility where you spend most of your days, is never a bad thing. The warehouse team learned that the purchasing staff weren’t as soft as they thought. Purchasing got to see just how hard the warehouse staff works every day.


When everyone gets dirty, and helps towards the same goal, we all come out of it stronger. I might actually look for more projects like this to keep the comradery going.


Henry Ford himself would have been proud of this assembly line. One team lifts the uprights, another places the crossbars and yet another follows behind to fasten and support the ongoing structure.


Once the framing is complete we anchor the entire thing down.


Like weeds in your lawn, the day after you garden, the fruits of our labor start to take shape.


The metal decking goes in and we start getting ready for material.


That’s it… At least for now.

Kevin Reed

Director of Purchasing and Warehouse Operations

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