LiFi–now this is cool!

Ok, so we might be late to the party, but we’re bringing awesome apps! If you haven’t already heard about LiFi–you will. So what is it you ask? Li-Fi is a wireless technology that uses visible light waves to transmit large amounts of data at speeds up 100 times faster than WiFi.

While it is not a replacement for WiFi (there are limitations on this technology such as the fact that it requires a direct line of sight and only works while the lights are on), it has amazing potential for data intensive applications such as downloading and streaming videos and music, interactive gaming, etc. and does not suffer the interference issues that WiFi has in environments like airplanes and hospitals. It also offers inherently higher security due to the fact that it is proximity based and does not travel through walls.

Even cooler is the fact that pretty much any LED light can be used for LiFi transmission so as LED rapidly becomes the most common lighting choice for new construction and retrofits, the installed base for LiFi will already be in place.

With the proliferation of IoT infrastructure and applications, lighting is perfectly positioned to provide sensor data and be the backbone for data collection.  Big Data will influence the lighting value proposition as the sensory data is analyzed and optimized. Data analytics can be leveraged to offer improved building maintenance and lighting performance characteristics.

Lux Magazine has a great overview of the technology and key market dynamics that are driving implementation and adoption of this new technology at:

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