This recent quote from Dan Ryan of Acuity Brands Lighting echoes our thoughts on where our industry is going and why we all need to understand the opportunity and implications of the IoT:

The world is starting to recognize that lighting is uniquely positioned to be an aggregation point for the delivery of IoT services – due to its ubiquity in the as-built environment, and the proliferation of networked lighting control systems. So you’re starting to see lighting companies bundle new digital services with lighting, with offers like indoor-positioning, asset-tracking, and occupancy analytics. And much like that closet full of consumer electronics that’s now bundled into an iPhone, you’re seeing a bunch of systems that used to be sold, installed, and maintained independently start to consolidate a single platform – smart lighting.

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Major forces such as the IoT Ready initiative and new recommendations for buildings from the WiFi Alliance are ensuring that new buildings will be ready for the advanced controls, sensors, communication, and intelligence that people and building owners are starting to expect.

Choosing which solutions to employ and pulling together all the components desired usually requires selecting products from a variety of manufacturers and navigating the true interoperability of those products can be tricky. Our staff is quickly gaining critical real world experience with these blended solutions and can help ensure your smart building is truly intelligent.