5 Reasons Why Electrical Contractors Need Special Delivery

5 Reasons Why Electrical Contractors Need Special Delivery

Ken Gallagher listens.

Based on feedback from the last 10 years, the CEO of Paramont EO has turned an electrical distributor into a full-service supply and logistics problem-solver that helps electrical contractors maximize their profit.

Today, the distributor offers more than 50 time-saving services that help electrical contractors save time and money. But one of Paramont EO’s special services—on-time delivery—brings everything together.

As the marketplace changes, so do its demands. More than ever, time is something electrical contractors must budget. Sometimes, they need their products and materials before 7 a.m. or a second run or even a third run in the afternoon. Sometimes, they need it during a 30-minute interval when they have dock time or early morning around 1 a.m.- 2 a.m. when it feels like late night. They might even need something delivered today from the will-call counter.

Bottom line, every delivery has become a special delivery. That’s why Paramont EO has adapted to exceed expectations.

Here are five reasons why electrical contractors need a special delivery—and how the electrical distributor in Chicago, Illinois delivers on their word:

Electrical Contractor Solutions

Electrical Contractor Solution: 1. One size doesn’t fit all.

  • In the past, Paramont EO’s delivery fleet used one model truck for every shipment. But Gallagher changed it up, investing in different types of trucks to create more benefits. The sprinter vans, for example, are extremely efficient at zipping around congested Chicago. The straight trucks in two sizes—medium and large—pick up slack from the vans to accommodate larger orders of cable and big lighting fixtures. The stake-bed truck (i.e., open boxed truck) is perfect for large, data center projects that need switch boards. The open top on these trucks makes those special deliveries possible. In addition, electrical contractors can install cable while pulling it directly from the stake-bed truck, saving time offloading the cable and reducing the chance for injuries. Kevin Githens, the superintendent at the LG Development Group in Chicago, Illinois, said Paramont EO continues to deliver. “Paramont’s team is great to work with,” he says. “And through the tough times of COVID lead times of all construction-related materials have become an issue, Paramont has gone above and beyond with reaching out to suppliers/vendors on a consistent basis to give us the most accurate delivery date, while also providing in-stock alternatives to help close out our projects.”

Electrical Contractor Solution: 2. Time is money

  • Paramont EO delivers 24 hours a day. Typically, the company’s 22 trucks are on the road by 5:30 a.m. every morning. That means most first runs are completed by 10 a.m., which means their drivers are available for second-and third-runs throughout the day. Customers appreciate the service. “I want to take a minute and relay something I heard from the field,” said Scott Laney, a purchasing agent at Current Communications & Electric in Broadview, Illinois. “Your driver is to be commended for the job he is doing. He consistently goes above and beyond for my company by getting deliveries to us early and doing whatever it takes to help us out. Exceptional job. Just thought I would let you know.”

Electrical Contractor Solution: 3. People do business with people they like.

  • In addition to delivering around the clock, Paramont EO offers structured, zoned deliveries, which means the same truck driver, barring exceptions, will make all the deliveries for the life of the project. This value-added tactic provides more consistency and more familiarity, which creates better relationships between the electrical contractors in the field and Paramont EO. “We are a family-owned business like most of the electrical contractors in Chicago,” Gallagher said. “Our larger competitors can’t beat us on service. We help reduce the cost of labor on projects.”

Electrical Contractor Solution: 4. There’s no room for everything at the jobsite.

  • In the last 10 years, electrical contractors have felt more comfortable asking for help when it comes to staging and kitting. Today, a $300,000 order may mean a contractor would have to accept 50 different deliveries from manufacturers. Instead, electrical contractors now ask Paramont EO to take custody of the material—and ship it back to them when needed on the project. To make the staging and kitting work, Paramont EO developed a customized, staggered, special delivery program that creates an on-demand result.

Electrical Contractor Solution: 5. Peace of mind matters.

  • Two years ago, Paramont EO added a state-of-the-art notification program for its deliveries. Using a geo-fencing technology that access the physical location of the company’s trucks and the intended jobsite, electrical contractors are notified when shipment will be delivered. In addition, the company’s truck drivers take a photo of the delivery, which is sent back to the electrical contractor. Gallagher says his truck drivers are an extension of his sales team and customers like it when they “close.”

Paramont EO continues to deliver around the clock throughout the year, whether there is a need for switchgear (31st Street Marina, McDonald’s HQ), lighting (Glassdoor HQ, Lockport Township High School) or residential lighting (Crest Premier Partners, Crest Customer).

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