Saving money is important to our customers and at Paramont EO, we maximize applicable incentive and rebate programs for every project.

Rebates can offer our clients significant savings. For example, according to the Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd), more than 30,700 northern Illinois businesses have participated in Smart Ideas for Your Business programs, earning $244.3 million in total incentives. These businesses are now benefiting from annual electric bill savings of nearly $211.4 million.

Paramont EO has an Energy Assessment Team that will come out to help businesses conduct on-site energy audits for commercial and industrial customers, allowing Paramont to identify energy-efficiency opportunities that are eligible for local utility incentive or rebates.

This is a 100-percent ratepayer-funded program and there’s almost an incentive for everything. There is in excess of $40 million in the ComEd incentive and rebate programs available to ComEd customers. These programs are use it or lose it, so everyone pays for it, but only those who update their lighting can claim back the rebates they are entitled to. Illinois is one of the most aggressive states for providing incentives to the consumer, business owner and corporations.”

Below is a list of some of the most popular incentives available from ComEd:

Standard Incentives: These are cash incentives for common energy-efficiency improvements to commercial and industrial lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and other systems for commercial and industrial ComEd customers.

Some sample items the rebate applies to are: T5 and T8 lighting, indoor and outdoor LED lighting fixtures, building automation systems, controls and sensors, chillers, lighting control systems and variable speed drives.

Custom Incentives: These are cash incentives for more complex energy-efficiency projects that fall outside the Standard Incentives. These incentives would include advanced-process controls, process automation and new technologies such as geothermal and advanced hydro-power applications.

Funds are limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

ComEd Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Program Business Instant Lighting Discounts (BILD): The BILD program makes energy-efficient lamps available to businesses at a reduced price from participating electrical distributors. Paramont is an Electrical Distributor Trade Ally with the program.

The intent of the BILD program is to replace all standard-efficiency lighting products with UL or ETL approved higher efficiency alternatives.

Product incentives are geared toward commercial, industrial and contractor markets as a reduction in the purchase price of qualifying products at the time of sale. Incentives range from $1 to $12 per bulb up to $15 for a hard-wired LED exit retrofit kit.

The discount is applied to the purchase price of screw-in LED lamps and LED trim kits, LED exit signs, LED hard-wired retrofit exit sign kits, reduced wattage T5 and T8 lamps and high-efficiency electronic ballasts.

ComEd incentivizes products that are designed for easy installation by the customer, some of the trim kits are designed to screw into the existing socket and give a whole new trim look and convert the socket to LED. They are hoping to give a more simplistic route—take out a 60-watt bulb and screw in a 9-watt LED lamp and save 50 watts of electric use.

The discounts are available for all commercial and industrial customers and contractors that purchase lamps for maintenance and replacement.

Funds for this incentive are also limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Paramont EO recently helped a local Toyota Dealership navigate the process and saved them money within the first 3 months. See more details about this project.

New Construction: These are cash incentives along with technical assistance from ComEd to provide energy modeling to support architects, engineers and lighting design professionals in their goal to design high-performance buildings. These apply to multi-family projects, office buildings, industrial buildings, mixed use construction, hospitals and private universities.

ComEd defines new construction as commercial and industrial customers planning a new building or renovation that is greater than 20,000 square feet.

Funds for this incentive are also limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

View a list of current BILD approved products online at: BILD Products List (pdf)

For more information about any of the rebate programs, give us a call at 708-345-0000.