3D Modeling puts contractors in their best light

When a contractor presents 3-D design images of how the selected lights and fixtures will look within a given environment to a potential customer, he can claim ownership of the design. This gives him value and differentiation against the competition, who likely don’t have 12 pages of 3-D renderings of how the lighting choices are going to behave in their space and the product cut sheets.

Modeling gives the contractor a sense of ownership and control of the design. It makes him look like a design/build contractor. To the building owner, that contractor is more knowledgeable and proactive.

3D Modeling: A New Dimension in Lighting Design

The commercial lighting team at Paramont EO utilizes 3D modeling and imaging on many of our projects to visualize, evaluate and share with building owners, architects and electrical contractors different lighting scenarios in a room before the lighting equipment is specified, purchased and installed.

Paramont EO’s lighting design staff uses the latest 3D modeling software, a truly remarkable simulation tool for designing lighting projects, calculating the amount of light that will be delivered, based on user-set parameters.

In addition to calculating the amount of light in a space, the software can create photo-realistic renderings of how an area will look once light fixtures are installed. This software has extraordinary modeling and rendering capabilities and can generate photometrically-accurate gray scale images of the behavior of light within the rendered environment.

3-D Modeling Benefits Our Contractor Customers

Using 3-D modeling helps our electrical contractor customers close jobs. It’s very beneficial to the contractor because he is wrapping up the cost of the job and the design of the job.

The main benefit of 3-D imaging is that it promotes early customer involvement and visualization of different lighting choices before construction begins. Additionally, 3-D improves the accuracy of estimating a project and also minimizes change orders and re-work onsite.

Through 3-D modeling and imaging technology, our lighting consultants add value to existing building retrofits and new construction through improved lighting that increases safety, productivity and visual appeal while controlling project costs.

Paramont EO sees 3-D modeling as a key value-added service that we believe is increasingly essential to the construction process. Utilizing 3-D saves time and money on a lighting project from the get-go and gives Paramont EO the opportunity to strengthen our customer, contractor and architect partnerships.

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