Personal Protection Equipment at Paramont

Personal Protection Equipment at Paramont

No need to touch germy surfaces once you have one of Eaton’s clever touchless tool

Open doors, e-sign, twist faucets and push buttons without touching potentially contaminated surfaces.

We are giving away 100 of these handy tools for FREE with hand sanitizer purchase (supplies limited to first 100 customers)


  • 16oz pump hand sanitizer meets all CDC guidelines
  • Ethanol based (CDC says it should be at least 60% and ours is 70%)
  • 100% Made in America!


• Double-layer 100% cotton mask
• 99.9% effective against viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, and other dangerous airborne particles
• Tightly woven fabric prevents spread of microbes
• Tight fit across face reduces gaps and ensures you’re breathing only air through the mask
• Easy breathability
• Washable up to 100 times
• Adheres to CDC guidelines for cloth masks


  • Clear polycarbonate visor with foam backing and adjustable elastic for a tight, yet comfortable fit.
  • Clear PET shield is 9.5″ high and delivered unattached to the visor
  • Shields are easily attached to headband visors by quickly snapping into place
  • Visors and shields also sold separately for replacement purposes
  • Durable visors are re-usable (Snap off a used shield and snap on a new one)
  • Thin (4mil) shields feature anti-fog coating on both sides
  • Thicker shields (>7mil) are durable and easy to clean, but do not have anti-fog coating

Shields, visor headbands and foam can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or hand sanitizer. Discard if any degradation is observed.

• Durable fabric scrubs without tearing, pre-moistened – no water required
• Cleans dirt, grease, lube and grime
• Infused with natural hand moisturizers, Vitamin E, and orange citrus scent
• Meets California C.A.R.B. standards

These industrial strength wipes are made to be used for the toughest clean-up jobs and are safe to use on hands. IDEAL Wipes The Multi-Purpose Towel are infused with Vitamin E and natural hand moisturizers to leave hands feeling clean, soft, and residue-free. One side of the wipe has a non-scratching, textured scrubbing surface, while the other is soft and smooth for use on delicate surfaces. These are essential for wiping dirt, grease, & grime off tools or other surfaces.



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