Chicago is a tough town for sports. We feel obligated to support our Bears, derive a masochistic sort of pleasure from rooting for the Cubs, and get occasional satisfaction from our White Sox. The Bulls have had their ups and downs, but the Blackhawks deliver.

In our blue collar town, in our blue collar industry, the Blackhawks are more than just a sports franchise. They are US. They represent the struggle we face on a regular basis.

I recently explained the game to a hockey newbie as basically a boxing match, on ice, while sprinting, and simultaneously trying to get a tiny puck into a goal with an inflexible stick at top speed.

So maybe I am being a bit dramatic. Perhaps drawing a comparison between delivering electrical supplies and a myriad of fixture parts and pieces to a building on time, packaged as needed, in spite of manufacturer back orders and customer change orders, reloaded into a van because the job site couldn’t accomodate a full size truck, or better yet in the bitter cold, in an open forklift because the job site didn’t have a lift that could move the material from the truck to where it needed to go, is a stretch. But my point is, we get it. We feel your pain. We go up against seemingly insurmountable odds every day too, so watching our Chicago Blackhawks fight hard –and triumph–feels like a personal victory for us as well.

So Go Blackhawks! Keep fighting, keep delivering, and we will too!