What it Means to be Imark Platinum

What it Means to be Imark Platinum

Since the inception of Paramont-EO (from the merger of Paramont ES with Evergreen Supply) over a decade ago, we have managed to achieve “Platinum” status with IMARK Electrical, the largest distribution organization in the US Electrical industry, every single year.

So, what’s the big deal in that? We’re glad you asked! When you partner with an Imark Platinum Distributor, it means you are teaming up with one of the best in the business.

Roughly only 10% of Imark distributor partners manage to achieve Platinum status each year. Beyond the prestige of that title, comes reassurance for you, our customers, that the supply house you are working with has been thoroughly trained in market trends, new product information and has access to most of the well-known brands in our industry.

To earn our Platinum status, we have logged hundreds of hours in training, which helps us identify key emerging trends in the industry.  Our staff has reviewed hundreds of product capsules, which educate us about new products and labor-saving options for our clients. We attend, or participate, in every Expo, Tradeshow and Industry Summit that is offered, which further builds on our relationships with our suppliers and demonstrates our commitment to supporting our industry.

Imark validates that we have not only trained our staff, but also our clients. From Lunch and Learns, Jobsite Trainings & Counter Days, to Joint Sales Calls and Product Demonstrations with our Imark partners, Paramont EO is committed to sharing our knowledge with our clients to facilitate better project outcomes. In short, Imark keeps us plugged in, so we can do the same for our clients. We share product news and training information via our Youtube Playlists, Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and regular Newsletters. If you don’t already subscribe or follow us, you might be missing out on time and labor-saving solutions.

To be sure, this is not an award won on popularity or through a vote. It can only be had through a years’ worth of work, learning and dedication to our trade.

Being Imark Platinum not only validates our commitment to excellence… But our commitment to you!

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