“High Performing Buildings” are Quickly Becoming the New Norm

Advances in lighting and power technology are allowing consumers to choose more energy efficient, intelligent solutions that use less energy to run and leverage built-in intelligence to reduce consumption of the ecosystem in which they reside. The timing of the appearance of these products is essential as Governments around the world have already begun enacting more stringent standards for new construction and existing large multi-tenant buildings’ energy utilization. The combination of concerned citizens wanting to build Green, and new rules and standards for what qualifies as an “efficient” and environmentally sound product can result in lots of confusion over which products and strategies are right for a given project.
Power, Lighting, and HVAC are a few of the most critical elements in reducing energy consumption. As this month’s issue of ECmag highlights in their article titled “The Nature of High Performing Buildings”, constructing a “High Performance Building” takes research, extensive planning, and a nimble response to unexpected developments throughout the building process. It is a great read for Electrical Contractors who want to be prepared for the real world issues they need to be aware of as projects become more energy utilization and maximization focused.
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