How will the IoT Transform Lighting?

As I type this post, a webinar is streaming from the CES show in Las Vegas on the topic of how IOT will transform the way we use lighting.

The session is being led by Simon Coombes, Gooee’s Chief Technology Officer, and includes fellow panellists Francois Girodolle of Google’s Nest Labs, Jeff Shaw of Arup, Jeremy Turner of FAB Controls, Ian Crockford of Data Techniques and Tony Howells of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Lots of discussion centered on what role the Government will play in regulating and who will own the space –Internet companies or Lighting companies. The general consensus was that it would have to be a combined effort.

Security was mentioned as an area of particular concern that will require significant attention as the devices and platforms become more aware and connected.

Tomorrow’s CES schedule includes a session entitled “IoT Spotlight: Connected Homes and Apps” that highlights the opportunity space (connected home revenues are anticipated to reach $65B this year, potentially growing to $490B by 2019). Addressing topics including app discovery, acquisition, distribution, and monetization across emerging connected home devices and platforms and more, it is sure to be an interesting discussion.

As an established lighting company, Paramont EO has been working with technology providers and lighting manufacturers for years to understand this space and help build the momentum around intelligent lighting and home automation systems. Our showrooms have demos in place for anyone in the Chicagoland area interested in seeing firsthand how these solutions work.

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