Paramont EO & Crest Lighting care about your safety!

When summer heats up and residents increase their use of power and electricity, homeowners and tenants need to take precautions for the safety of their homes and lives. Every year 480 people’s lives are taken, more than 2000 are injured, and more than $868 million dollars *burned* by electrical fires. In order to help bring these numbers down, Arc Fault Circuit Breakers are being installed nationwide. The arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) can detect a potentially fatal electrical problem, and shut down the circuit before a fire has the chance to ignite. It is suggested that anyone involved in residential construction, inform home buyers about these potentially life-saving devices. Other safety measures such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers can aide in safety; but they are both reactive- only being helpful after the fire has already started. Talk to your builders and electrical contractors about what you can do to ensure safety in your home. For more information on AFCIs visit: or watch the video below:

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