Get Retrofit!

Retrofitting is a term often used when converting older, outdated lighting technologies such as incandescent and fluorescent, to newer, more energy-efficient technologies, such as LED. As some people might look at the initial increased prices and shake their head, it’s important to get all the facts about LED before completely pushing it out of your mind. For example LED lights are much more environmentally friendly. With no toxic materials, reduced emissions of CO2, and a longer life span, they are what the modern lighting industry is turning to. Led lights can actually save you money you as well.
When a Toyota dealership in Matteson, IL decided it was time to retrofit they found it saved them $1,200 monthly (view complete case study here). That is a total of $14,500 in the first year! Yes, the initial price for an LED light bulb can be pretty hard to swallow, but it’s good to think long term. According to Consumer Reports, LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 (or up to five times longer) than any comparable bulb on the market.
And if concern for the environment, your pocket book, and ease of maintenance aren’t your top priorities, perhaps the ability to control your lights from your mobile device is reason enough to consider retrofitting! Home automation and the quickly growing Internet of Things (IoT) both take advantage of new IP-addressable LED lights to connect and remote control your fixtures in your home, office, or rental property.
For your house or for your business, LED retrofitting has a lot of benefits to offer. Let the experts at Paramont EO & Crest Lighting guide you through the process and help get you the best rebates and products available.

Amanda Fenton, Paramont EO & Crest Lighting

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