Paramont EO Makes Chicago’s ARC Center Shine

Recently, Paramont EO completed work on the ARC Center, whose doors opened in the fall of 2014. The ARC Center features a fitness center, locker rooms, three-court gymnasium, and a walking/running track. Paramont was in the running for this project along with three other companies in the area. But what ultimately won us this job was our ability to be mindful of the client’s budget and provide unique design concepts. Once awarded as the lead designer on this project, we worked closely with the owner of the facility, architects and contractors to make sure everyone’s wants and needs were met. All of the interior and exterior lighting concepts for this project were designed by our lighting team, which included creating the 3D modeling, carefully selecting the right light applications for the various spaces (i.e. the tall long hallways, gymnasiums, fitness areas, emergency lighting, and parking lots) and choosing the right fixtures. “The building itself boasted some unique architecture so we wanted to complement it with the right lighting,” said Scott Shellberg, Lighting Design Manager at Paramont EO. “We were never faced with any negativity on aesthetics, which I attribute largely to the team always being on the same page. We were given the ability to create a modern looking facility, which meets all the energy efficient requirements and I think we accomplished that and then some.”    

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