It’s Just How We Roll

It’s Just How We Roll


Material should be ordered sooner rather than later, allowing us to tap our networks and second source as needed.



Kink in the Supply Chain


Stay at home orders have been issued all around the world. Those that were under them, are slowly working to get production levels back on track, and those still under them, have pretty much ceased production all together.
While we typically stock an abundant amount of product in our inventory, extended supply chain disruption is causing certain supplies to dwindle. The following is a list of the most dramatically impacted products that are experiencing longer than usual delays:

  • Lighting products, highly dependent on Chinese components and Mexico assembly
  • PVC and Aluminum out of Canada
  • Fittings, boxes and rings produced in Mexico

In general, anything that relies on trucking, cargo or shipments are being delayed at manufacturing and border points.
Rest assured, our veteran purchasing team is working overtime to minimize your lead times!



Know where your shipments are in real-time. Eliminate wait time and contact on job sites.
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